Z5 Catalyst – Funding Process

Z5 Catalyst fund deal flow process has 5 steps from initial entrepreneur contact to successful funding or decline. These steps are intended to help the entrepreneur determine if the fund is the right fit for their startup, align with the stage, investment focus and investment amounts required for their venture. The steps allow the fund to understand the opportunity, learn about the space, the entrepreneurial team, coach the entrepreneur on the capitalization approach for their company and perform the necessary due diligence on the opportunity.

  1. Executive Summary SubmissionEntrepreneurs reach out to the fund via our website, by directly connecting with one of the investment members  (via email, LinkedIn, events, etc.) and creating a profile on Zuput.
  2. Initial meetingInitial screening of the companies will be done over Zuput to identify the 4 to 6 companies to invite to the screening committee meetings.
  3. Due Diligence: At this stage, the screening committee has determined that the startup opportunity is potentially worth pursuing for an investment. The screening committee will start the process of conducting in depth due diligence on the company to better understand the value proposition, customer traction, founder backgrounds and business model to determine if it is a good fit for investment by Z5 Catalyst.
  4. Term SheetZ5  Catalyst with the help of the Screening Committee will arrive at a decision on whether or not to invest in the company. A term sheet offer will be made to the startup to invest in the startup.
  5. FundingAfter negotiating with the startup team and the completion of the legal due diligence, the funding documents  will be issued and the investment will be made in the startup.